Social Media- The Chic Way of Spreading Online Information with Instant Clicks


Facebook is the largest social networking site we access today. Be it for casual chatting or for some serious business stuffs, we are always using the platform for gratifying our needs. There is a theory in the domain of Mass Communication that explicitly states about the tendency of human beings of using media and accessing its contents for gratifying their desire. Although psychological, the theory insights us about how people operate while coming in exposure to varied media.

A Brief Understanding:

Before we start discussing about social media and facebook to be specific, we must understand what exactly pulls us for choosing media platforms! To start with, it is necessary that we regard human brain to be a spontaneous stimuli machine that responds to anything happening around, having a direct or indirect impact upon our daily lives! You must have noticed that when we walk down the road, we always take to the footpaths rather taking through the centre. Now, why is that so? Yes, it is of course logical to walk by the footpaths for avoiding probable accidents, but the process happens automatically within us. It is because, since we learn to follow traffic rules and our brain start understanding the logic, somewhere cognition gets developed and this stays till we die or go insane! The reason explains why sometimes we react to horns and move away to the safe side of the pave, without thinking twice!

Psychological Relevance:

Now, let us understand what Uses and Gratification has to do with individuals coming across to information available from different sources? Well, the basic lies in the cognition that guarantees us with the quality of acceptance. Human beings can’t frame ideas of their own. They need to be injected or bulleted with information and it is based on it they module their version of approach. Media plays the most vital platform here. The all equipped information store house suffice human beings with the choice they wish to opt out. From politics to sports, from defence to psychology media empowers human beings to form opinion.

Dominant Opinion Vs Deviant Opinion:

No opinions get to the stage of public opinion and become dominant unless some channel gets to act henceforth! Media also act wonders here and lay as channels in converting opinions from being deviant to become dominant.


Media is categorized into many parts. The most fundamentals being the traditional print and electronic counterpart! It was in the 1990s when the world witnessed the rise of the third most potent form, known widely as New Media! It is this New Media that categorically disseminates to eclectic forms and kinds; Social Media are the most popular kinds among the genre. Social Media platforms such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, flickr are all built and planned to satisfy human want. These platforms spread information like rapid fire engaging large scale mass participation to accuracy!

Now, with so much being said about media and its participatory abilities, you can easily make out how much effective these platforms would prove to be, if is used strategically for promoting business. You plan it, implement strategy, lock your target and set out for online sharing. Within seconds you tend to reach to millions with accuracy and perfection. Once your brain deciphers the process and develop the ‘cognition’, you would be systematically delivering it with chic and grace!

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